Am I calling for a Second Civil War?

Jim Hanson

1 year ago

May 25, 2021

I’m not calling for another Civil War and any fair reading of my book Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot shows that. But if you read the hyperbolic and disingenuous piece at Raw Story by Michelangelo Signorile you might think I’m leading the charge to split the country with violence.

Here’s a taste of the unhinged, bad faith interpretation he makes. I am responding to a column where Michael Gerson in the Washington Post pearl clutches thusly:

“This is not a joke. This is not a myth. This is not a drill. According to a survey last year, a majority of Republicans agreed with the statement: ‘The traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.'”

I replied to this by pointing out this didn’t come about in a vacuum. The Left has been demonizing conservatives and our ideas for decades. And recently they have had considerable success pushing us out of social media and attacking our beliefs as dangerous. I made the following statement to that point.

“Michael Gerson is correct—this is not a drill—and if the Left wants the Republic to survive, they need to admit that there are legitimate concerns on the Right. They can’t simply mock tens of millions of people as ‘crazies,’ which only fuels the fire.”

My idea that the views of nearly half of our population should be considered rather than dismissed should not seem outrageous to a reasonable person. But the Woke Left is anything but reasonable. This was Mr. Signorile’s response.

He’s saying that, yes, the majority of Republicans believe the American way of life may need to be saved “by force” and that Democrats had better bow to Republicans — no matter how insane and fraudulent their claims are — if they want to “survive.” There’s really no other way to interpret it.

There are quite a few ways you could interpret it, the first of which being I meant what I wrote. Conservatives do feel, rightly in my mind, marginalized by the Left’s control of our information space. But no, I’m actually calling for a violent revolution to crush the Left into submission. There’s an awful lot of projection in his wild-eyed alarmism.

His characterization of my background is inadvertently hilarious and revealing about his state of mind and his own extreme beliefs.

Jim Hanson is a far-right commentator—a Fox News pundit, a contributor to the ultra-conservative Federalist, and an insurrection denialist. He’s president of the nefarious-looking Security Studies Group, and touts his having served in the U.S. Army Special Forces.

I’m a “far-right” Fox news pundit, well I’m a libertarian conservative, but OK. I have written for the “ultra-conservative” Federalist. I bet he is infected with the lefty obsession about “Who funds the Federalist?” If only you knew Michelangelo, it would horrify you. it’s the additional adjectives that give you the visual of his spittle-flecked screen as he pounds furiously at his keyboard while howling about my awfulness.

I think my favorite is the attempted smear of Security Studies Group as “nefarious-looking”. That perfectly captures his wild-eyed craziness. What exactly is “nefarious-looking”? Is it the black & gold color scheme of the website? Or the odd industrial font we chose for the logo?

I know, maybe it’s the giant, braided beard and menacing visage of Dr. Brad Patty.

Or wait, perhaps he has dug deeper and found out that we support Israel and David Reaboi is actually, Gaia forbid, Jewish. Is nefarious-looking a reference to his hipster glasses paired with an anti-Semitic trope?

I also like the sideways shot at my military background.

“touts his having served in the U.S. Army Special Forces.”

And obviously I’m going to use those commando and guerrilla skills to overthrow the country. Mwah Ha Ha!

Signorile sees nefariousness everywhere in my dangerous tome, even the cover.

His new book is titled, “How To Win The Second Civil War.” The subhead, in very small print on the book, states, “without firing a single shot.” It’s curious that the book cover would downplay that violence isn’t necessary for winning this “Second Civil War.”

Someone should introduce Signorile to the subhed style of book design which is not just common, but pervasive. But that would stop him from seeing the conspiracy I am weaving shown in the typeface selections. Fonts are the new dog whistle, I guess.

This wouldn’t be a fully-fledged Leftist screed without at least a dash of racist smearing and basic paranoia.

So, this “second civil war,” being stoked by extremists, can supposedly be accomplished “without firing a shot,” but only if the “Left” capitulates to them. Otherwise, these “identity-politics”-obsessed “woke” people — which seems pretty clearly to translate to “Black people and others on the left” — better watch out because most Republicans believe it has to be done “by force” if they don’t bend.

I don’t feel the need to separate the Woke people I oppose into their identity politics approved victim groups, Michelangelo, that’s your game. And I’m not looking for you to capitulate. We’re just asking for an end to the eliminationist rhetoric from your side and the right to exist as The Right in the public square.

This is what happens when you allow your own pathologies to come through Mr. Signorile, you reveal much more about yourself, than me, the SSG crew or the rest of the political Right in this country. Guys like you are why I wrote the book. Your intolerant hater-hood is becoming far too common and accepted on the Woke left.

I don’t want any more violence and the book is a good faith effort to get my team in the game and achieve some sort of detente between Left and Right. You’re simply proving my point that the biggest impediment to that is the inability of the Woke Left to coexist.

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Jim Hanson

Jim served in US Army Special Forces and conducted Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency as well as Diplomatic, Intelligence and Humanitarian operations in more than a dozen countries. He is the author of Cut Down the Black Flag – A Plan to Defeat the Islamic State, and has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, C-Span, and numerous national radio shows.