An Appreciation of the Security Studies Group

Shermineh Salehi Esmati

1 year ago

July 10, 2018

At SSG, we’re always delighted to receive feedback—regardless if it comes from the White House, Congress, the media or the public. We received the following by email from Shermineh Salehi Esmati, a Canada-based consultant of Iranian heritage who follows geopolitical events and trends closely. She approved its publication.

I firmly believe in the importance of individuals assuming responsibility for the political and economic stability of their home country, whether that country is the United States, France, Brazil—or Iran. I am grateful to learn that the team at Security Studies Group are driven to impact foreign policy for the same reason.

International security policy is not a passion for most people, but it is what drives me. I was born into an Iranian family in London in 1989. At the time, Salman Rushdie had just released his soon-to-be controversial book, The Satanic Verses, and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini had just died. From a very young age, I had been taught about the cause of Shah Reza Pahlavi’s fall and the strategic interests of western countries in the containment of Iran’s success. With that said, it is my duty to recognize and support efforts of Americans who fight for international peace through the promotion of freedom throughout the world.

The Security Studies Group deserves praise for their commitment to a scientifically strategic approach to policy. The articles found at the SSG site follow a unified message of an American responsibility to defend and promote world peace. The high-quality analysis from experienced national security experts portrays a steadfast commitment to international security and America’s necessary role in the world promoting peace through strength. When reading through the articles, it is President Ronald Reagan’s words come to mind—

Whether we like it or not, it is our responsibility to preserve world peace because no one else can do it. We cannot continue letting events and crises get out of control, we must – through sound management and planning – be in control so as to prevent being confronted by a crisis. This requires a sound economy, a strong national defense, and the will and determination to preserve peace and freedom. [“A Strategy for Peace in the ’80s,” October 19, 1980]

The SSG team has a sober understanding of what direction Iran’s government must move towards, and provides objective policy analysis on the role America must play to derail the Islamic Republic’s efforts to spread political and economic instability across the region.

Fox News also deserves much credit for recognizing the quality of work being done at Security Studies Group. The popular network’s television interviews with SSG leaders demonstrate level-headed policy analysis, committed to providing the best strategic advice while looking out for the security concerns of the American people. When most news broadcasting stations twist foreign affairs for greater ratings, some media has, in fact, led the way in airing the truth. As political division continues to bubble up in protests against the Trump administration, this kind of unsound journalism has created greater social tension, and plays into the hands of enemy nations.

Promoting and fighting for the freedom of others one might never meet is among the greatest acts of selflessness. As the United States military is in the profession of peace—so, too, is the Security Studies Group. Know that your tireless efforts to continue President Reagan’s legacy have not gone unnoticed. May we see a day where tyrannical religious regimes no longer rule nations.

About the Author

Shermineh Salehi Esmati

Shermineh Salehi Esmati is the founder and CEO of Cyrus BC, advising intelligence organizations, political leaders, management consultancies and human rights organizations. She holds a BA from University of Toronto and is completing her master’s degree in International Relations at Harvard University. She has consulted on Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, and recently joined Blockchain Intelligence Group as a Research Ambassador.