Blunting a Rampant China’s Threat to Southeast Asian Shipping

C. Kennedy

2 year ago

July 13, 2020

China’s increasing aggressiveness spells out a threat to America’s shipping connections with our key allies in Southeast Asia.  It also threatens our attempt to obtain manufactured goods from these China-alternative sources.  This plan sets up a method for securing our supply chain that has a strong contingency capability in the event China moves to close the South China Sea.

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Subic Bay and Supply Chain Security in SE Asia (SSG)

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C. Kennedy

C. Kennedy is a Senior Fellow for Security Studies Group. Professionally, he is a U.S.-based logistics and supply chain expert with more than fifteen years' experience in international transportation, procurement, and analysis. With expertise in food, water, energy, medical, humanitarian, and materiel supply chains, he operates at the nexus of public policy and human requirement. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and his work on building agile supply chains through use of the Mission Command framework was published in 2019.