Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels to Gulf States: Don’t Fight Us; Fight Israel

Security Studies Group (SSG)

4 year ago

December 10, 2018

This weekend at peace talks in Stockholm between the Iran-supported Houthis and the legitimate government in Yemen (supported by GCC, most prominently Saudi Arabia and UAE), the Houthis’ Supreme Revolutionary Committee issued an alarming statement. An SSG Twitter thread is below, followed by the complete text translated from Arabic.

Statement by the Supreme Revolutionary Committee addressing the GCC Summit and to condemn the crime of the coalition’s attack against civilians in Hodeida.

While negotiations are taking place in Sweden in an international atmosphere that aspires to achieve peace and end the starvation, and while we appreciate every effort made by the Kingdom of Sweden and the efforts of the United Nations envoy and other peace campaigners, and While the Yemeni delegation is offering initiatives to stop fighting on all fronts, it was all faced with intransigent by the US-backed Saudi-UAE led coalition which has committed a new crime in Yemen on December 8 against civilians, mostly women and children, who were massacred in the Rubasah roundabout in the city of Hodeida. Six martyrs were killed and 12 wounded, most of who were severely wounded.

We strongly condemn this deliberate shelling of civilians, and we regret the reoccurrence of these crimes that continue to violate all laws and charters of the United Nations.

We consider this crime as a message that expresses the negativity, recklessness and chaos of the US-backed Saudi-UAE led coalition and its allies. At a time when the world is coming together to support peace, sending positive messages and express their deep sorrow against the tragic consequences of the aggression and siege imposed on the Yemenis, this crime comes to prevent negotiations that aim to stop the war and allow peace.

We hold the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and their allied countries fully responsible for committing these heinous crimes and all the other events that took place earlier and what would take place later. We call on the GCC summit which apparently will take place today, to adopt a rational stance and call on the regimes participating in the aggression to declare their cessation of massacres and crimes against the free and dear people of Yemen, who were not the initiator of the attack, but are legitimately defending their country.

I assure you that they will no longer be able to continue to mislead the public opinion, whether the international or in specific countries. The reality has been revealed and the truth is apparent and silence against this aggression no longer exists.

We also call upon it to address all the consequences of its aggression against the independent Republic of Yemen, which has always welcomed friendly and brotherly relations without arbitrariness or arrogance.

We also call upon them to rebuild and repair the damage and not to prioritise the war against Yemen, but rather commit to their official declaration of priority and the nation’s first cause, Palestinian. Through a vision that reflects a well-established and stable reality in which our brothers in Palestine have some relief. This should not be through an invitation to negotiate with an arrogant entity that is rejecting the Arab initiatives and is proceeding with its daily crimes, but to work on lifting the siege, aiding Palestinians and supporting their development.

We call on the GCC Summit to stop armament and withdraw their armies and terrorist mercenary militias that destroyed Yemen. The weapon proved its ineffectiveness in bringing people to their knees in the long term conflict and rather be placed by education and developmental for the brothers and sons of the Gulf. The wars will only bring destruction and does not convey the message of Islam that expresses peace, progress and prosperity.
Finally, what these regimes and their allies are doing to the Yemenis from siege to aggression will remain a stigma that will not be erased by history and is a failed attempt to return to the medieval mentality.

President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee
Mohammed Ali Al Houthi
2 Rabi Al-Thani 1440
9 December 2018

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