Legitimacy and the Taliban

Brad Patty

2 year ago

March 05, 2020

A brief discussion of political legitimacy, both in general and as it pertains to the peace negotiations with the Taliban. The pieces cited are The Basic Requirements of Nationhood, which contains the main conceptual model for legitimacy, and The Basic Requirements of Nationhood II: American Nationhood, which defends the American model particularly.

About the Author

Brad Patty

Dr. Patty advised US Army units in Iraq on tribal affairs and information operations over more than a decade. His work has received formal commendations from the 30th Heavy Brigade, the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored Division, the 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Cavalry Division. He is the author, most recently, of Free Americans: Essays Towards a Rebirth of Liberty. Dr. Patty holds his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Georgia, as well as a Master's in history from Armstrong in Savannah.