Social Media Reacts to SSG Expose of Qatar-Funded Think Tanks

Nick Short

5 year ago

June 26, 2017

Following Angelo Codevilla’s recent piece posted here at SSG explaining how Qatar has corrupted the National Security Deep State, SSG wanted to highlight some responses from users across the twitterverse as it is our goal to get the conversation started.

Angelo Codevilla explains how the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideas & #Qatari money have Corrupted our National Security

Patrick Poole, a national security and terrorism correspondent for PJMedia reminds us of the well documented examples of foreign influence from not only Qatar, but the Muslim Brotherhood as well. The piece Patrick links to is from a 2013 by the Rubin Center and it highlights how many of the Islamic groups previously identified as outreach partners by the U.S. government were in fact identified by federal prosecutors in court as fronts for the international Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of international terrorism.

Next, we have a tweet featured by Al Arabiya English and a post detailing Codevilla’s SSG article.

In an excerpt from the Al Arabiya piece giving high praise to Codevilla, the staff writer notes, “In a detailed analysis published recently by Security Studies Group, author and expert Angelo Codevilla…goes into the historic role of American institutions, including the State Department and the CIA, to forge relationships with terror groups in the mistaken belief that they can be weaned away from violence. He traces this flawed thinking by these state institutions and other actors to the Arab Gulf states rift with Qatar.” To read the Al Arabiya analysis of Codevilla’s piece in it’s entirety click here.

Hasan Sajwani notes the following in response to Dave Reaboi of SSG highlighting the Al Arabiya piece in regards to Qatar peddling influence in the West:

It isn’t funny anymore and moreover it’s critical that we here in the United States understand the threat of foreign influence within the Deep State.

Finally, we have Tim Gradous who asks this incredibly important question:

Some responses:

This was hard to read — I guess we go thru all this to have a military strategic position. I know there is more-but what the cost to us

Joyce, Elaine and Linda are all correct as it does appear that money is at the root of the corruption within our National Security Deep State. As Codevilla concludes in his article, “Qatari investments in America’s foreign policy Establishment have paid good dividends; our investments, not so much.”


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